Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dentistry Developments in 2015

Every year more and more new developments take place in the dentistry sector. This year there are a number of great initiatives taking place to help dental practices improve their service, improve dental care in every day homes and more.

The Friends and Family Test

So far this year, there are three dental developments that have really stood out; that I believe will improve oral health throughout the country in 2015. The first is the Friends and Family Test which is to be introduced to NHS dental practices from the 1 April 2015.
The Friends and Family Test is already being used in A&E Departments and doctor’s surgeries throughout the country with great success. Unlike a general once off review, patients can have the ability to score and comment on their service each time they visit their dentist. This is going to be an opportunity for dentists to identify problems in their practice, their care levels and their service levels. It’s an opportunity to fix problems, improve levels of patient care and ensure patients receive the level of care they deserve when visiting the dentist.

Oral Health in Old People Initiative (OHOPI)

The Oral Health in Old People was introduced on 3 March 2015 and is a fantastic initiative to help carers ensure the older population in the country receive the best oral care.
This online initiative is dedicated to improving oral health in seniors with e-learning modules, resources and training throughout Surrey, Kent and Sussex. This is going to be a welcome addition to improving oral health in our older patients; many have physical and cognitive disorders, making it difficult to ensure that they are taking care of their teeth on a daily basis. Some have mobility issues, making it hard to follow an oral care routine at home. The initiative will help carers and family members ensure their elders are caring for their teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

National Smile Month

I am delighted that National Smile Month is back for another year in 2015. National Smile Month will run from 18 May to 18 June and is the largest oral health campaign in the country. The campaign has been going since 1977 and is focussed on educating the public on oral health throughout the country.

Every year this campaign gets bigger with more and more companies and corporations taking part to share the word on the importance of oral health and good oral care techniques.

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