Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Benefits of a Professional Teeth Clean

Thousands of people that visit their dentist each year will be referred to the oral hygienist for a professional clean. You may wonder why you are being sent to the hygienist when you brush your teeth twice daily, you use dental floss and you are careful about your sugar intake.

There are a host of benefits associated with professional teeth cleaning and even those with the best oral hygiene habits will visit the hygienist to help keep their teeth clean and healthy moving forward.

The first benefit to professional cleaning is that it helps prevent cavities. Even with an excellent oral health routine at home you are going to find yourself with tartar building up. Tartar is a hard and sticky substance which results from plaque which isn’t effectively removed. This can happen to everyone even if you brush vigorously twice daily. Tartar enables unwelcome bacteria to stick to it and then eat away at the hard enamel, causing cavities which can result in sensitivity, pain and dental treatment.

The next benefit you will find when choosing to attend an oral cleaning is that your risk of tooth loss is dramatically reduced. Everyone wants to hold onto their natural teeth for as long as possible, this means that you need to make every possible effort to keep them clean, healthy and strong for as long as possible. Tooth loss can occur at any age, often as a result of periodontal disease.

Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading UK dentist and specialist oral surgeon advises that periodontal disease is a severe gum disease which eats away at the structure of the tooth. If ignored it can result in tooth loss. A professional tooth cleaning can reduce the risk of periodontal disease, thereby reducing the risk of tooth loss moving forward.

Oral hygienists providing you with a professional teeth clean can help you brighten your smile. With squeaky clean teeth, your smile is instantly brightened. You will find that your teeth feel cleaner and in turn, you feel more confident.

With tooth decay, plaque and tartar build up you can experience bad breath. Many people with gum disease struggle with bad breath, which is very unwelcome and can leave you very self-conscious when speaking to others. A professional teeth clean can help freshen your breath, make you feel better about yourself, while ensuring that your teeth and gums are clean and healthy.

What many people don’t realise, according to Dr Tariq Drabu, is there is a direct link between oral health and overall health. When you have a professional teeth cleaning you are also boosting your overall health now and moving forward. The teeth cleaning can help remove dangerous bacteria, help fight gum disease and reduce the risk of cavities, all in all it can play an instrumental role in your overall health in the future.

The biggest benefit to professional teeth cleaning is that it can help you save money now and in the future. If you ignore your oral health and you find yourself in significant pain, maybe your gums are bleeding or your teeth feel lose, you can find yourself paying out a fair amount of money to rectify the situation. Prevention is better than curewhen it comes to your oral health. Paying for a professional oral cleaning can be so beneficial, especially when looking at the savings you can enjoy moving forward.

Dr Tariq Drabu also mentioned another preventative measure to take when it comes to your oral health is to attend routine dental appointments. This is an opportunity for your dentist to identify any potential problems and treat them quickly to reduce further damage in the future.


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  4. Is it true that after Professional Teeth Clean, a tooth lost its original shining and the polishing required after every few months?