Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tariq Drabu Discusses Oral Cancer and What You Need to Know

Tariq Drabu is the owner of the successful Langley Dental Practice in Middleton and is also a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. He was born and educated in Manchester and provides dental services to NHS and private patients on a daily basis.

A big concern that is a global problem right now is oral cancer. The number of new cases being reported is increasing on a daily basis and the problem is that this is a preventative disease in most instances. In fact, more than ninety percent of the oral cancer cases in the United Kingdom are lifestyle related.

The Facts

Tariq Drabu really wants to cover the facts relating to oral cancer to help patients really understand the impact of this disease. In the United Kingdom alone there are more than six thousand seven hundred new cases being diagnosed each and every year. There are also more than two thousand deaths as a result of oral cancer.

It is also very important to note that the sooner the cancer is caught and treated the higher the life expectancy. Ideally you want oral cancer to be caught in the early stages, which can improve life expectancy considerably.


There are a number of symptoms that patients need to be aware of when it comes to oral cancer. This includes sores in the mouth that don't heal after a few weeks to red dots on the tongue and gums. Tariq Drabu did mention that anyone even slightly concerned they may have this disease should visit their doctor or dentist without delay.

Have it Checked

Due to the fact that the majority of oral cancer cases are lifestyle associated, Tariq Drabu does recommend that patients have themselves screened for oral cancer. The dentist will thoroughly check their mouth, gums, teeth and tongue to identify any signs and symptoms the patient may not have noticed. They will then conduct any further testing which may be required in order to get treatment soonest in the event that you do have oral cancer.

Regular Dental Appointments

Tariq Drabu also advises that patients need to attend their routine dental appointment, which is usually every six to twelve months depending on their overall oral health. This enables the dentist to identify any problems and treat it effectively.


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