Friday, 23 September 2016

Tariq Drabu on the Dangers of Sugars in Children’s Oral Health

Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. This top dental professional was born and educated in Manchester and is passionate about oral health in the United Kingdom.

According to Tariq Drabu, thousands of children find themselves in hospital each and every year to have teeth extracted under general anaesthetic. This is a serious concern, as tooth decay is preventable and sugars are one of the leading causes why these children are suffering and being subjected to hospitalisation across the country.

Change cups

One of the causes of tooth decay in children in the United Kingdom is that they drink from a bottle for too long. A bottle should only be used to the point where the child can hold their own cup. Drinking from a bottle allows the liquid to sit on the teeth, while drinking from a sippy cup or through a straw can push the liquid to the back of the throat away from the teeth.

Tariq Drabu encourages parents to change to a cup as soon as they can to help reduce the risk of tooth decay moving forward.

Organic foods

Another recommendation from the leading dentist, Tariq Drabu, is to make your own baby food rather than buying it in. Making your own, you know exactly what you put into each meal, this can help you reduce the amount of sugar you are subjecting your child to.

Parents who make their children’s meals, know what ingredients they have used. They are also able to choose organic fruits and vegetables, which have been grown naturally without any dangerous chemicals, which can be highly beneficial to the child oral health in the long run.

Tariq Drabu does warn about sugars in foods and drinks and recommends that parents get into the habit of reading food labels, identifying sugar levels and then making the best decision to protect their child’s teeth.

Water, water and more water

Parents often will give their children fruit juice to drink. They are under the impression that fruit juice is healthier than their children drinking fizzy drinks. While this is true, what they don't realise is that fruit juices also have a very high sugar content, which can result in the children suffering when it comes to oral health.

The best drink to give any child or adult is water. Water is more than adequate to quench the child’s thirst and not being filled with sugars, parents can enjoy complete peace of mind that they are doing what they can to help their children’s teeth and gums on a daily basis.

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