Friday, 21 October 2016

Keep Teeth Healthy This Upcoming Festive Season

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Tariq Drabu s a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon based in the United Kingdom. He is also the owner of the successful Langley Dental Practice where he caters to patients of all ages on a daily basis. Tariq Drabu mentioned that one of the biggest challenges as the festive season approaches is sugar intake.

Avoid sticky and chewy sweets

Tariq Drabu recommends that patients should avoid any chewy, sticky and hard sweets during the festive season. While chocolates are often given at the holidays, eating a small amount of chocolate and then brushing a little later on is better than toffees, fruit chews and sucking sweets. Sugar eats away at the hard enamel, the outer coating of the teeth. The enamel does not repair itself and once damaged the only option is a filling, or if ignored possibly root canal or tooth extraction.

Sugar free gum

Tariq Drabu recommends that patients carry sugar free gum with them at all times. After cocktails with friends or work colleagues or after a festive meal, chewing sugar free gum can help remove food debris, sugars, acids and plaque, helping to clean the teeth until the next brush.

It is important to ensure the chewing gum you choose is sugar free, so you know that it will not cause damage to the enamel and can be an effective part of your oral health routine this festive season.

Brush and floss

The festive season is a busy season for most families and it is easy to let your oral health routine slide. Tariq Drabu mentioned that it is imperative that everyone continues to take the time to brush their teeth twice a day, the most important brush is right before bed after eating and drinking during the day. Brushing should be for a minimum of two minutes focusing on each individual tooth.

In addition to this, flossing is also important to clean between the teeth and along the gum line. This should be done a minimum of once a day, but ideally with both brushing to ensure it is effective.

Dental appointment

Tariq Drabu did state that the most common problem with patients who have a routine dental appointment over the festive season is cancellations and postponements. He recommends that all routine appointments should be kept. They are quick appointments which could reduce the risk of further oral problems, as during the appointment the dentist thoroughly checks the teeth, gums and mouth.

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