Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cooking Tips to Reduce Sugar

Tariq Drabu advised that sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay in the United Kingdom. He also mentioned that there has been a lot of discussion regarding sugar and its effects on teeth and also overall health, including being a top cause of obesity nationwide.

There are numerous options and tips you can use in your daily cooking to reduce your families sugar intake, thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay and diabetes. Tariq Drabu advised that there are thousands of five year olds in the country suffering from tooth decay, the majority is caused by sugars. The same applies to diabetes patients, many of which have diabetes due to obesity, with sugar being one of the top causes for obesity.

Natural sugar alternatives

Tariq Drabu mentioned that there are numerous alternatives to sugar that are completely natural and beneficial to the human body. Try using raw honey or agave nectar to replace sugar in tea, coffee and even when cooking to ensure healthy sugar free foods at all times and help protect the teeth and gums in the long run.

Look for healthy recipes

When looking for new and exciting family meals, look for healthy options. If the family has their favourite dish, which you know contains sugars, look for healthier recipes online so you can give them their favourite meals without worrying how much sugar they are consuming.

Test new recipes

Tariq Drabu advised that when you are used to cooking a dish a certain way, you need to try new ways of cooking it to get it just right, especially when you are using something like raw honey to replace sugar you would normally add. Play around until you get the right taste, so that you and the family can enjoy healthier meals with ease and confidence.

Sugar free gum

Tariq Drabu recommends that you keep sugar free gum in your bag or in the home or office. This gives you something to chew after meals, rather than having a chocolate. The sugar free gum doesn't contain any sugars, but surprisingly is good for teeth and gums, removing any food and plaque from the teeth without causing any damage.


Tariq Drabu advised that everyone should throw out all sugared drinks, this includes fizzy drinks, fruit juices and smoothies and replace them with water, which is more than adequate enough to hydrate you.

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