Monday, 20 February 2017

Bottled Water or Tap – What is Your Preference?

Tariq Drabu, the owner of the successful Langley Dental Practice has recently been discussing water options with his patients, to identify if they are drinking tap or bottled water and which one they prefer and why.

Tariq Drabu mentioned that water is imperative to good oral health and all patients should be sipping on plain water throughout the day to reduce the risk of dehydration. He stated that everyone sees that they should be drinking plenty of water each day, but often believe it to be hype. The fact of the matter is, if you love your teeth and you want to preserve them for as long as possible, you will start drinking water.


Tariq Drabu advised that dehydration is a serious problem when it comes to oral health. We rely on our saliva, which is an alkaline solution, to wash the mouth. When you get thirsty, your saliva dries up,

leaving your teeth exposed to harmful sugars, acids and bacteria. Drinking water throughout the day reduces the risk of dehydration, ensuring excellent saliva production to protect your teeth moving forward.

Clean mouth

Clean mouth
Of course with each sip of water you take, you can swirl it around your mouth, which can help to keep your teeth clean. Rinsing with water helps to remove food particles which may have stuck to the teeth, thereby protecting the tooth and reducing the risk of tooth issues later on.

Replace sugar drinks

Tariq Drabu advised that there has been so much discussion regarding sugared drinks over the past few years. Sugar is one of the most dangerous things when it comes to oral health and is one of the leading causes for tooth decay in children nationwide. Replacing sugared drinks with water can only improve your overall oral health.

He also wanted to advise parents that water is completely safe for children. Children do not need fizzy drinks or fruit juices, in fact he advised what many parents don't realise is that fruit juices are also brimming with sugars which could have a negative impact on oral health in the long run.

So what is your preference?

Tariq Drabu advised that the majority of people prefer bottled water because it is filtered mineral water and doesn't have a taste but what he wants patients to understand is that most areas of the United Kingdom do not have fluoridated water, which is protective for the teeth. So when you next grab a glass for water, consider the tap water before bottled water, even if bottled is your preference.

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