Monday, 3 September 2012

The GDC Must Get its Affairs in Order

By Tariq Drabu – Manchester Dentist
The affairs of the GDC have been causing angst and concern amongst many of the profession. The way it manages itself and conducts its affairs are viewed by the profession with mistrust, anger and worst of all, fear.
Issues centre on the appalling Fitness to Practise procedures which last year were slammed by the CHRE (the GDC’s own regulator). There has been some improvement this year but there is need for a major overhaul. In terms of FTP the GDC regrettably has been reactive to criticism rather than proactive in trying to work out its strategy for the years ahead.
The abundance of illegal tooth whitening clinics that go unpunished by the GDC makes many registrants wonder what they are paying their registration fees for. This disgraceful set of affairs must not be allowed to continue.
Let us see what the next 12 months have in store and we will see if the GDC can really get its affairs in order.
TJD 4.9.12

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