Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dr Tariq Drabu Affair and Media Department Latest Bulletin

The Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department has just published its latest bulletin with survey results of its service users.
The Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department is led by a small dedicated team consisting of myself, Dr Tariq Drabu, Matthew Hodkinson the clinical director of the Langley Dental Group and Kristy Miller the senior receptionist. It has been set up with the aim of increasing revenue streams and increasing the number of new patients being referred to the practice and also a widening of the referral base for specialist dental services.
The latest bulletin of the Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department has been to share the results of feedback from service users. This has been in the form of a written questionnaire. With the advent of inspections from the regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), it is very important that we as dental professionals focus on the quality of care delivered to our patients and how our patients actually perceive that care. Here at the Langley Dental Practice we recently had an inspection from the CQC and we passed it and were declared compliant in all areas inspected. One of the areas that was examined was the issue of the care and welfare of people who use our services. The CQC were looking for evidence that people should get safe and appropriate care that meets then needs and supports their rights.
The written survey questionnaire was filled in by a representative sample of 85 service users who had all recently received treatment at the practice.
In terms of responses to questions there was a 100% positive response rate to the quality of care received at the practice. All respondents reported care as being either outstanding or good. Patients were asked why they had chosen the practice and over 75% of patients stated that they had chosen the practice based on its reputation. Around 70% of patients had not visited the practice website - so we need to make sure that the Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department gets focused on targeting our online message as widely as possible to as many current and potential service users as it can. I will set this as an important priority for us.
Over 80% of patients asked were able to get an appointment at a time and date that was convenient to them with the vast majority of appointments being made over the telephone. Around the same number strongly agreed that their appointment was given within a reasonable timeframe, with 100% of respondents either agreeing or strongly agreeing that the person who booked their appointment at the reception was courteous and helpful.
On the day of their appointment all patients either agreed or strongly agreed that they were made to feel welcome at the practice and felt that the reception and waiting area was clean and pleasant. 90% of respondents were seen on time or within 5 minutes of their appointed time. All respondents felt that they were treated with respect by the dental nurse and the dentist with 90% strongly agreeing that the dentist had been kind and considerate. All respondents felt that they had understood what was being proposed with 75% understanding their charges. Another task of the Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department will be to ensure that there is clarity around our pricing structure so that patients fully understand what they are paying for and whether treatment is NHS or private. We want to be as transparent and open and up front as possible about our charges to avoid any misunderstandings.
I am pleased with the work of the Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department to date. Looking at these findings the vast majority of patients are happy with the practice. A lot of patients have highlighted the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the practice as being an important factor in making their dental experience a pleasant one. We will look at the areas where we feel shortcomings may have been highlighted in order to try and correct these perceived shortcomings. These survey results confirm that Langley Dental Practice continues to provide a strong focussed first class service to its patients. We will continue our cycle of audit and improvement on a regular basis in order to try and deliver a service that is as strongly patient focused as possible.

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