Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dr Tariq Drabu Dentist Reflects on the Affairs of 2012

2012 has been a year of strong landmarks and great strides forward in terms of the practice its staff and its achievements. This has been our best year ever in terms of progress and advancement.
Back in January of this year we received our renewal notification for the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme which was valid for another 12 months. This scheme is an external quality benchmark given to practices which meet a high level of accreditation and standards and is externally audited and verified. Following on from this external audit and verification we were thrilled with our Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection which was conducted in October 2012. We came out of that with a very positive report and all our staff worked very hard to ensure that we passed. Special mention to Sharon Daly our cross infection lead and Kristy Miller our Senior Receptionist who even came in on their holidays to get the paperwork in order.
On a personal level I was absolutely thrilled and delighted in August to be appointed as a staff specialist in oral surgery at the brand-new state-of-the-art UCLAN dental clinic in Preston.The clinic has four general dental surgeries; an oral surgery suite (two surgeries and recovery room) and a 10-chair training suite and will be fully equipped to meet both treatment and teaching requirements. UCLAN is believed to be one of the few universities in the country, other than specialist dedicated medical centres, to have such facilities on site.
In the same month the dental CATS services celebrated its eight year milestone. This service delivers specialist minor oral surgery care to patients away from a hospital setting and within a primary care practice environment. It has resulted in shorter waiting times for patients higher quality treatment and a more patient friendly experience. It has also proved to be cost-effective saying the taxpayer and the NHS considerable sums of money. Overall I am immensely proud to have been involved in setting up a scheme that I believe is high quality, patient centred and above all value for money.
In terms of staff training and development the practice has again taken strides by recruiting and training two cadet dental nurses one who is currently now in full-time employment with the practice. We are always excited to be at the forefront of training and development of new staff.
In autumn of this year two new websites were launched relating to Langley Dental Practice. The first of these was my own personal website and the second one was the relaunch of the Langley Dental Practice website We decided to increase our Internet presence and the launch of these two websites has directed a lot of traffic our way. In conjunction with this we have also launched the Dr Tariq Drabu affair and media department specifically to increase our visibility and profile and attract new clients. This department has already delivered some excellent results in terms of new leads and new patients coming to the practice due to our increased visibility online. Also in the autumn of this year we launched our new private fees and offered these to our patients. We have had a steady increase in uptake and we will be able to look at stronger generated revenues at the end of this financial year.
2012 has been outstanding progress for Langley Dental Practice. We have seen this in terms of increased revenue increased patient numbers and increased new patient leads. This is against a background of economic uncertainty and difficulty so we are immensely proud to have done so well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful staff and all our patients. We look forward to an outstanding 2013.

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