Friday, 8 May 2015

Getting Comfortable with New Dentures

Being given dentures for the very first time is exceptionally challenging. While some people take to them with ease, others will struggle for weeks, trying to get accustomed to the strange product that has been placed in their mouth.

When you are fitted with dentures for the first time, it’s understandable that they do not feel natural, it takes time to adjust to your new teeth and this is why it’s important to have patients. The unusual feeling will subside over time.

There are a number of things that I warn my patients about when it comes to being fitted with dentures for the very first time. Knowing what to expect can help manage expectations and assist in getting comfortable with the dentures moving forward.

The first thing that patients need to be aware of is that their speech may be slurred for a while. This is caused by the plate in their mouth and not being used to this foreign object. As they become more comfortable with their new teeth, their speech will improve.

Some patients advise that they have a gagging feeling with their dentures in place, this is often experienced with upper jaw dentures. I have some patients that experience excessive saliva when they are first fitted with dentures, this also subsides over time.

One of the biggest obstacles you are going to have to get comfortable with when it comes to your new dentures is chewing. At first it will feel completely strange, so start with some soft foods and slowly add other foods to your diet as you progress. I always encourage my patients to ensure they chew on both sides of their mouth to get used to the feeling. Remember you don’t want to bite into foods with your front teeth.

What many patients don’t realise is that lower dentures can take longer to get used to. Lower dentures tend to feel as though they are floating. The best way to control this to start is to place your tongue on the inside of the mouth to hold the plate in place, you can do this until they feel comfortable. Using an adhesive can also help considerably.

I encourage my patients who have been fitted with dentures for the very first time to wear their dentures at night, this helps them get used to them. Once they are comfortable with the foreign object in their mouth, then remove the dentures at night and clean them as per the instructions provided.

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