Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Your Teeth are affected by What You Eat

It is so important that you realise that what you eat can affect your oral health. Many patients don’t realise that eating certain foods can promote tooth decay and gum disease, while certain foods can help protect their teeth in the future.

I believe in educating my patients, helping them enjoy good oral health in the future. One of the important things to note when looking at foods to eat to help your teeth and gums is to avoid processed foods. We all hear about eating a healthy and well-balanced diet to enjoy good overall health, but the fact is that a good diet can also improve your oral health and reduce the risk of decay, cavities and gum disease moving forward.

Avoid refined flours, foods high in sugar and excessive alcohol. It is also advisable when choosing a mouthwash to avoid those that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the mouth, which leads to a reduced amount of saliva. What you may not realise is that saliva is imperative to your oral health. Saliva is alkaline and thereby protects your teeth on a daily basis.

If you are taking prescription medications, then ensure you follow a strict oral health routine and drink plenty of water. Some prescription medications can have a negative impact on your oral health moving forward.

There are certain factors you can take into consideration to help promote your oral health and prevent tooth decay and cavities, based on what you consume.

Green tea is very healthy and is also very useful in promoting oral health. Green tea is an antioxidant, but also contains fluoride which is important to your oral health.

Reduce your sugar intake. While this may sound obvious, you may not realise what damage sugars actually do to your teeth. If you enjoy fruit juice, reduce the amount you drink from the shop and rather make your own. Fruit juices that are shop bought usually contain sugars, which is something many people don’t realise.

Making your own fruit juice means you know it is only real fruit in the juice. Bear in mind that some fruits have natural sugars, so you may want to drink them through a straw, pointing the straw to the back of your mouth, so the liquid doesn’t affect your teeth.

Eat plenty of crunchy fruits and vegetables. Eating crunchy foods increases saliva production, which can help protect yourteeth from acids and sugars moving forward.

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