Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Tariq Drabu Discussed Gluten and Oral Health

Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon, is taking the time out of his busy schedule to discuss how gluten can have a very significant and negative impact on oral
health for those suffering from coeliac disease.

Coeliac disease is a disease which affects one in one hundred people across the United Kingdom  and is an intolerance to gluten, a product found in breads, cakes, cookies and more. Those suffering from this disease are also prone to oral health problems, so those who take gluten and don't have their disease under control, may also be at risk of causing more serious damage to their teeth and gums moving forward.

Some of the concerns that dentists have when they hear their patient suffers from gluten intolerance includes:

  • Tariq Drabu advised that patients can damage the enamel of the tooth. Coeliac disease increases the risk of causing irreparable damage to the tooth enamel. The enamel is the hardest substance you can find in the body and is responsible for covering the structure of the tooth. This cannot be replaced and once damaged it will never grow back, which is why you need to ensure you take care of your teeth and reduce the risk of fillings or worse n the future.

  • Tariq Drabu also mentioned that those suffering with coeliac disease are also at an increased risk of tooth staining. Teeth may change color due to the gluten in the diet. Good oral care routines combined with removing gluten from the diet are essential to eliminate the risk of staining. In the event the stains are already in place, then tooth whitening may be a solution to cover up the stain and make the patient feel better about their smile.

  • Canker sores. Those who have this disease are also at an increased risk of canker sores which are painful and irritating. Remember not to lick and touch them, use cream prescribed by the desist and ensure optimum oral health at all times.

  • Bad breath is another problem that many people have who are suffering from coeliac disease, according to Tariq Drabu. Unfortunately the only solution is to ensure you keep gluten out of your diet, you maintain a good oral health routine and consider chewing sugar free gum between meals to keep your breath fresh.

  • The final concern dentists have with patients suffering from gluten intolerance is gum disease. These patients are at an increased risk of inflammatory gum disease and should floss daily to clean along the gum line and between the teeth.


  1. After reading this post shared by Dr Tariq Drabu, I'm now more aware of how gluten can have a very significant and negative impact on oral health. I request to Dr Tariq Drabu to please share some home remedies to over come this problem. thanks Dr Tariq Drabu for sharing it

  2. I wasn't aware that gluten will this harm to human body. thanks dr tariq to make us aware