Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tariq Drabu Offers Advice on Getting Teeth School Ready in 2016

Tariq Drabu advised that one of the biggest concerns among the dental profession in the United Kingdom is the health of children's teeth. Children are being admitted to hospital daily to undergo general anesthetic and have their teeth extracted due to tooth decay, something which is completely preventable.

The problem is that many parents aren't even aware of what their children are eating at school, which is why Tariq Drabu wants to provide some assistance in getting teeth school ready this year.

One of the things that is recommended by Tariq Drabu is to start looking at healthy school lunch ideas and snacks. Focus on eliminating the sugars and incorporating crunchy fruits and vegetables, which can increase saliva production and provide the protection the teeth need. Another essential as part of the school ready lunch box is water rather than fizzy drinks or fruit juices. You may also want to consider milk, milk is brimming with calcium which is essential to strengthen teeth and bones moving forward.

Next set a routine that the children must follow. Tariq Drabu advises that starting the routine as young as possible is something that the child will use for the rest of their life, so a positive routine now will benefit them in the future. The routine should include brushing twice daily, once right before bed and then once before school combined with flossing. A timer should be used to ensure children do brush for the full two minutes and don't cut any corners.

Set up a rewards system. Children love rewards and Tariq Drabu advises that this is a fun way to ensure that they are focusing on their oral health this school year. Rewards can be anything from a fun day out to a treat after school. The system should be carried out over a number of days where the child is monitored to ensure that they are brushing correctly, eating healthy and avoiding sugars. They should be focusing on their oral health and enjoying healthy teeth and gums.

Tariq Drabu also recommends parents bring their children in for a dental check up before school starts each year to ensure that there are no underlying problems that may need urgent treatment in the coming months. Parents should also supervise their children's brushing and lead by example to ensure that all children have school ready teeth this year.


  1. The idea of Teeth School & healthy school lunch and snacks is really good. I'm also in the favor of eliminating the sugars from children meals. Very nice post Dr Tariq Drabu. Thanks for sharing it

  2. I too like this idea. In fact it will be very useful and beneficial for kids. thankyou dr tariq for sharing