Friday, 22 April 2016

Tariq Drabu on Children's First Dental Visits

Tariq Drabu on Children's First Dental Visits

The oral health of children in the United Kingdom is definitely one that can be improved and Tariq Drabu advises on how parents can ensure that the first dental visit their child has is a positive experience.

Tariq Drabu advises that oral health and dental appointments are all things that parents need to encourage. Parents lead by example. A child isn't going to want to brush their teeth when they see that their parents don't brush and it is common for children to fear the dentist if their parents suffer from dental phobia. The dentist should be a positive experience, setting the benchmark, so when the child is older and goes into adulthood, a visit to the dentist is a preventative and positive experience rather than a negative one.

Calming and fun

If you find that your child seems apprehensive about visit their dentist then you want to cheer them up, making it a fun experience. Ideally your child should have been visiting the dentist since their first tooth, but in the event you have moved and you're going to a new dentist, then look for fun and calming ways to make this experience good.

Some parents find that an afternoon in the park after the dentist is just what the doctor ordered. Rewarding children for attending their appointment and behaving throughout the appointment is the best way to ensure that they always associate positivity with their dental appointments in the future, advises Tariq Drabu.

Be prepared

Tariq Drabu also advised that he finds when he is treating children, they are always better behaved, more relaxed and calm when they know exactly what to expect. The parent needs to make sure the child is aware that they are gong to the dentist that day for a check up or because their mouth hurts.

Once at the dentist and in the chair, it is up to the dentist to follow this routine, telling the child what to expect every step of the way. Children like to know what is going on and asking their permission and working with them will help calm them and ensure that their dental appointment goes ahead without any issues.

Tariq Drabu also advises that dentists should consider keeping dental lucky packets on site for their younger patients. Giving children a small toothbrush or delicious flavoured toothpaste is a great way to promote oral health.


  1. This is very important that oral health and dental appointments are all things that parents need to encourage.

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