Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tariq Drabu Points Out the Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon who works from his successful practice, the Langley Dental Practice in Middleton. Tariq Drabu's concern is that many parents don't show much attention to their childs baby teeth, because these are the temporary teeth children have before their permanent teeth push through. The problem is that baby teeth can still cause pain and this is the result that so many children are finding themselves in hospital to have teeth extracted under general anesthetic.

The reasons parents should be focusing on their childs oral health with baby teeth include:

  • Tooth decay is the most chronic disease worldwide and affects millions of children in the United Kingdom. It is currently costing the NHS millions to admit children into hospital to have decayed baby teeth extracted. In addition to this, there are children that are waiting more than a year to secure an appointment.
  • Children who have cavities in their baby teeth are at a higher risk of having cavities in their permanent teeth in the future.
  • There are thousands of children in the country who aren't getting treatment for their tooth decay.
  • Children with tooth decay will experience unwelcome pain, along with problems eating and talking. This can affect their everyday lives, having a negative impact on their school work and social lives.
  • Children who have had one or more of their baby teeth extract stand a higher chance of their permanent tooth coming in the wrong place or having poor alignment, which could result in the child needing orthodontic care in the future to fix the issue.

Parent education

Tariq Drabu has advised that the only way to reduce the risk of children developing cavities in their baby teeth and enjoying good oral health is to educate the parents. Parents should be leading by example and this includes eating a healthy and well balanced diet, brushing teeth twice a day for two minutes per brushing and flossing.

Children who learn the importance of oral health at a young age and get into a routine regarding their oral health are more likely to follow this routine into adulthood. Parents should encourage their children to brush their teeth before bed and again in the morning with a fluoride toothpaste to aid in the prevention of cavities and decay moving forward.


  1. parents should be focusing on their childs oral health with baby teeth at all instance and level for strong oral health life

  2. Parents are more responsible for childs oral health... the things or practices parents do, same followed by their childs.