Sunday 27 April 2014

Tariq Drabu Celebrates Double Success at Langley Dental Practice

Recently Langley Dental Practice has had the opportunity to celebrate a double success. We achieved renewal of our BDA Good Practice Scheme award for 2014 and were also so selected as a training practice for foundation dentist by the NW Deanery.

We are absolutely thrilled to have had our Good Practice status renewed for another year. It is the leading independent externally verified quality and standards benchmark for dental practices. Achievement of the award represents a great achievement as we will now be in our fourth year of this award and it shows that we continue to maintain strong high quality standards for our patients and members of our dental team.

I am also delighted that we have been reselected as a training practice for foundation dentists who are in their first year after qualification. The selection process was detailed stringent and tough involving a thorough inspection of the practice and a detailed questionnaire as well as an interview and presentation. We are honoured and privileged to have been selected by the NW Deanery as a training practice from September 2014. This is evidence that Langley Dental Practice can show that it provides a supportive and nurturing environment which will look after and support a foundation year dentist in their first year after qualification.

These two great achievements continue to show the strong progress that Langley Dental Practice has made over the past few years. Patients and their well-being must always be at the centre of our focus. The Good Practice Award gives a strong indication that we are committed to this by means of our validated quality and standards. The rigorous inspection interview and assessment regime for foundation training and the award of a position for a foundation dentist at Langley Dental Practice also means that we have again set our standards very high in order to achieve this status. These two awards both externally verified coming within a short space of time of each other is a great boost for myself and my team.