Monday, 5 May 2014

Moving (a Little Bit) Out of My Comfort Zone in Blackpool

At the end of every year it is always worthwhile reviewing one's performance and reflecting on the year that has just gone. As a busy predominantly NHS practice we are always continually focused on not only delivering high-quality care but also delivering our preset unit of dental activity targets. 
We have completed another successful year here at the practice not only reaching our targets but also managing it within a comfortable time frame. There have been a lot of other positive achievements this year as well is just the target related ones. These include the following:
  1. We have established and consolidated the HMR oral surgery service. 
  2. Our two cadet dental nurses have both achieved qualification with one of them Sarah Gorman being nominated for student of the year. 
  3. We had our British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme renewal confirmed for another three years following a detailed assessment. 
  4. Matthew Hodkinson was re-selected as a trainer for dental foundation training for the academic year commencing September 2014. 
  5. Two members of our team are returning back after maternity leave. 
I am always keen on change and development or not only myself but also all of my practice team. Sometimes this means stepping out of your comfort zone.
For me stepping out of my comfort zone came on the practice trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Friday 2nd May.  The trip to Blackpool is my way of saying thank you to everybody for the hard work they have put in another year and for everybody to let their hair down and have a good time and enjoy themselves away from work.
What has Blackpool got to do with my comfort zone you may ask? Well I have a big fear of heights and Blackpool is full of rides that exploit my fear. I also have a general overriding fear of roller coasters. Therefore I am proud to say that I managed to go on the Grand National the Big Dipper and Avalanche. I also got thoroughly wet at the Valhalla ride. I was initially reluctant to go on some of the rides but when I saw the rest of my team going I felt that I had to be a part of it and to be fair to them they were encouraging and supportive. That a nutshell is what team spirit and support and guidance out of one's comfort zone is all about. Next year I might even just go for The Big One!

A Great Day Out at Blackpool for Langley Dental Practice