Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fun Ways to Use the Tooth Fairy as a Good Dental Hygiene Tool for Children

I remember as a child losing my milk teeth. It was such an exciting time as I carefully wrapped my tooth in a tissue, placing it under my pillow and waiting for the tooth fairy to come take it away and leave me with some pocket money. Things haven’t changed and children are still excited when they lose a tooth, anticipating the tooth fairy and what they will leave them under their pillows.

The tooth fairy is a fantastic opportunity for parents to promote good oral health and it can be used from a very early age, which is very beneficial. Children start losing their primary teeth from around six years of age, which gives you plenty of time leading up to this point to talk to them about the tooth fairy and what she expects.

Early Age

Once your child is old enough to understand about tooth brushing and flossing, you can start telling them about the tooth fairy. Explaining that the tooth fairy will only take healthy teeth that have been brushed twice a day can encourage children to ensure they carry out a good oral health routine at home because they don’t want there to be nothing under their pillow after losing a tooth.

It is also very effective when the children don’t want to brush their teeth before bed or before going to school. You can take this opportunity to remind them that if they don’t the tooth fairy won’t be leaving them anything.

Don’t Only Leave Cash under the Pillow

Children expect the tooth fairy to leave them some cash when they lose their teeth. After they have carefully placed their tooth under the pillow, before you sneak into their room with a few coins, you could write a little note. A personalised note from the tooth fairy can be very exciting for any child. The note can be tips on how to enjoy healthy teeth to congratulating them for looking after the tooth, which is why they have been paid for their hard work and effort.

Another effective tool is that in addition to cash, you can leave a fun toothbrush or a great flavoured toothpaste, this can help encourage brushing. These days children’s toothbrushes come in a variety of designs. You can find their favourite cartoon character on a toothbrush and leave this as an additional gift, promoting the importance of brushing.

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