Saturday, 11 April 2015

Things to Remember When Choosing Dental Braces as an Adult

Deciding to have dental braces as an adult is a difficult and daunting experience. When you think of dental braces you think of a young teenager with silver braces on their teeth.

Dentistry is constantly evolving and when it comes to dental braces for adults where there is a selection of options to choose from, ensuring that you feel comfortable on a daily basis.

Most people will choose dental braces as an adult if they never had crooked teeth repaired as a child or they have overcrowding their mouth. Other reasons to consider dental braces are an overbite or under bite or jaw positioning problems. Failure to treat these conditions can increase the risk of cavities, gum disease, chewing problems, speech and more.

There are a wide range of braces available for adults, according to leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon, Dr TariqDrabu. The first is the traditional metal braces. These are metal brackets which are fitted to the teeth and are adjusted at regular intervals. The braces put pressure on the teeth moving them to the chosen position. The metal braces are the cheapest option and also the most visible, which is why it’s the one that most adults eliminate from their selection first.

The second option when it comes to dental braces for adults is the clear ceramic braces. These are made from tooth coloured porcelain which blends in with the teeth, limiting the visibility. The only part of the braces that is very noticeable is the wires. This is an affordable solution that hides the fact you have braces and enables adults to feel comfortable while undergoing dental treatment.

Lingual braces are growing in popularity. These are dental braces which are positioned on the back of the teeth, between the teeth and the tongue. You cannot see that the person is wearing braces at all, though for the person with them, they may experience some tongue irritation.

The final option for dental braces for adults is the acrylic aligners. These are clear custom made braces which you can remove when needed. You can remove them to clean or when eating and then replace them quickly and easily. These are replaced at regular intervals to ensure the teeth are moved to the desired position with ease.

Many adults are concerned on how long they will need to wear dental braces as they are already adults. How long you wear braces will be determined by the work needed and your orthodontist requirements. In most instances you can expect to wear braces for up to two years.

Dr Tariq Drabu also mentioned that once the braces have been removed, the patient will be required to wear a retainer. The retainer is worn just to ensure the teeth remain in their new position, giving them time to adjust and reduce the risk of them returning to their original positioning.

One of the very important things to remember when choosing dental braces as an adult is oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is even more important when you have been fitted with braces, according to Tariq Drabu.

Brushing twice daily may not be enough to remove all the food that gets caught in the braces. What you eat and how often you brush your teeth will be determined by your dental professional. Most people will braces tend to brush after each meal to ensure the best oral health at all times.

It is also imperative that you keep your routine dental appointments and orthodontic appointments when you have dental braces to ensure your teeth and gums remain in good condition at all times.

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