Thursday, 9 April 2015

Implants vs. Dentures – Which One Will You Choose?

Losing your natural teeth can be an exceptionally difficult time. If you have teeth missing your confidence can be crushed and you can suffer from low self-esteem. There are options available if you have no choice but to have your natural teeth removed, you can choose dental implants or dentures, depending on your personal preference and budget.

Your dentist should do whatever they can to save your natural teeth will extraction being the final resort. In some instances the natural tooth cannot be saved, which means in order to ensure your overall health, the tooth needs to be removed. This can leave you with an unsightly gap in any part of your mouth. If you have more than one tooth missing, you may find eating, chewing and even your speech is affected.

Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon, advised that a diseased tooth can have a negative impact on your overall oral health. Dangerous bacteria can get into your bloodstream causing you to become ill. Dental health has been linked to a number of medical illnesses and diseases including cardiovascular problems and stroke.

Implants are an investment; they are more expensive than dentures, but look and feel like natural teeth. If looked after and you follow your dentists instructions to the letter, your dental implants can last a lifetime.

In some instances, depending on the amount of work your mouth needs, you may be given dentures to use while your gums heal before implant work is carried out. You can also have your implants done at any stage so if you do choose to go with dentures and after a while you feel you aren’t comfortable with them, you can choose to change to implants, which are a permanent solution.

Dentures are cost effective, they are easy to use and you can remove them with ease. Some people feel self-conscious with dentures, because they feel them moving within the mouth. In most cases you will find that dentures on the upper jaw are more stable than those in the lower jaw. Eating certain foods, talking and chewing can be difficult to start, until you get used to the foreign teeth in your mouth.

There are certain factors to take into consideration when trying to decide whether to have implants or dentures. The first thing is to take your age and overall health into consideration. If you suffer from diabetes or blood clotting disorders, you may not be an ideal candidate for implants and your dental professional may sway your decision towards dentures.

Choose your dental specialist with care. Choose a specialist with years of experience in dental implants, someone who constantly updates their training and has a good reputation in your local area.

Next you need to understand exactly what dentures and implants are. Dentures are usually referred to as false teeth. They are a number of teeth that is set on plate which you can put in and take out as and when needed. Most people use sealants to hold their dentures in place throughout the day.

Implants on the other hand, are very different. With dental implants the dental professional will screw a titanium screw into your jaw; this replaces the root of the tooth. They then place a crown, which looks and feels like a real tooth on top, matching it to your natural tooth colour.

With the choices available, you may want to discuss the options with your dentist if you have to have your teeth extracted and see what they recommend based on your age, medical history and overall health.


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