Monday, 22 June 2015

The Most Common Dental Procedures Performed by Dentists Daily

Thousands of people visit dentists throughout the world on a daily basis, some find themselves in pain and need urgent treatment, while others attend their routine appointments. There are common dental procedures which are carried out daily on a global scale, these are procedures which range from urgent to cosmetic, each on playing a vital role in the patient’s life and helping improve their oral health moving forward.

According to Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon in the United Kingdom, the most common dental treatment carried out daily is fillings. Thousands of people experience sensitivity from their teeth and visit their dentist. 

In most instances dental caries is responsible and the decay has to be removed and the area filled with a hard filling to protect the delicate dental pulp, which is found in the heart of the tooth. Fillings are a quick and simple process which does involve some drilling. Once the filling is in place, the sensitivity is eliminated and the patient can go on to enjoy their life.
Another common dental procedure which dentists carry out on a daily basis is root canal treatment. This treatment is performed when the delicate dental pulp has been compromised. 

Dr Tariq Drabu advised that the dental pulp holds all the blood vessels and nerves and when the decay reaches this point, it can cause significant pain. The dentist numbs the tooth and then carefully extracts all the pulp before filling the area. This usually also includes a crown, which is a false tooth which is placed in the mouth to replace the problematic tooth.
A high volume of people have crowns fitted on a daily basis.

There are a host of reasons why you may be having a crown placed in your mouth. You may have been in an accident where you had trauma to the mouth, damaging one of your teeth or you may have had decay which has damaged to the tooth to a point where it has to be ground down or removed. The crown is a false tooth, which is matched to the colour of your existing teeth and made to fit the open space. Once in place it feels and looks completely natural.

When it comes to common dental procedures, Dr Tariq Drabu also mentioned that bridges are a popular choice. In the event one or two teeth need to be removed, a bridge is made with false teeth to match the natural teeth remaining in the mouth. The bridge sits in the open space and looks and feels natural. This can help patients with their confidence, enabling them to smile and not be self-conscious about the fact they have teeth missing. Bridges are usually used when one or more front teeth have to be removed.

Dentures are another common treatment that dentists find themselves performing on a daily basis. Whether a patient has lost a couple of teeth, just their lower jaw or top jaw or have had to have all their teeth removed, dentures are used to provide them with teeth that enables them to eat and chew. Dentures are false teeth while fit to a plate which is inserted in the mouth. They are made in a laboratory to meet the mould taken by the dentist and to match the patients original tooth colour.

Dr Tariq Drabu advised that in recent years cosmetic dentistry has also welcomed thousands of procedures on a daily basis with tooth whitening being the number one choice. Tooth whitening lightens the teeth by a few shades, helping to hide stains and marks and leaving the patient with a gleaming smile.

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