Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Things You May Not Know When it comes to Protecting Your Teeth

There are a number of things we do each day to try and protect our teeth. We follow the rules to the letter, brushing for two minutes twice daily, flossing and using fluoride toothpaste to try and ensure the best oral health moving forward. There are certain things that not everyone is aware of. These things can cause damage to your teeth moving forward, so it’s important to learn about these things to see how you can continue to protect your teeth moving forward.

The first thing that you may not know is that while the enamel of your teeth is the strongest substance in your body, it is also very easy to break. There are a number of items which can cause the enamel of your teeth to break, according to Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon in the United Kingdom. Ice, popcorn and even crisps can be detrimental to your teeth, these items can cause them to crack and break.

Unlike your nails, your teeth cannot grow back, which means that in the event that you break the enamel, you will require treatment to rectify the problem.

You may not know that sour foods are as dangerous as sugared foods. While everyone knows that sugar is one of the worst things for your teeth and gums, many don’t realise that sour can be just as dangerous. In fact, sour and acidic foods can soften the enamel of the teeth, eroding the teeth and reducing their strength. This also results in cavities and pain, which will require urgent dental treatment to repair.

Dr Tariq Drabu also mentioned that a number of people aren’t aware that teeth can be extracted at any age. Many parents don’t take the oral health of their children seriously, under the false impression that it isn’t their permanent teeth and that they can’t extract teeth from children. This is not the case and thousands of children are admitted to hospitals throughout the United Kingdom each year to have their milk teeth extracted. The truth is that your teeth can be pulled at any age, whether you’re a child, teen or adult. It doesn’t only happen to the elderly.

Another thing that many patients are not aware of is that wearing dental braces can cause damage to the teeth. Those wearing braces are at higher risk of gum disease and dental cavities. According to Dr Tariq Drabu, it is imperative to have a strict oral hygiene routine in place when it comes to someone wearing braces, ensuring that they clean their teeth properly to reduce the risk of infection.

Should there be serious problems, the orthodontist may have no choice but to remove the braces until the problem has been resolved, which can lengthen the time to wear braces to straighten the teeth accordingly.

Interestingly, while fluoride is essential to the health of your teeth, it can be detrimental to children. Too much fluoride can actually cause more harm than good. Children are often at high risk, but ingesting too much fluoride, which is why parents should supervise brushing and only use a small amount per brushing.

Dr Tariq Drabu mentioned that too much fluoride can actually cause damage to children’s teeth, staining them. When stained, the stains are almost impossible to remove, even for a dental professional.

Dr Tariq Drabu also wanted to remind people the importance of routine dental appointments moving forward. Dentists will provide patients with all the education they need to ensure that they care for their teeth at home to the highest standard. This will include brushing tips and techniques, the importance of flossing and more.

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