Friday, 6 May 2016

Dental Facts That May Have You Visiting the Dentist Sooner Than You Thought

Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist, advised that many people in the United Kingdom avoid the dentist until they have little choice. Often a patient will wait until they are in so much pain that they need to make an appointment. In most instances patients will miss their routine appointments, cancelling or postponing the appointment indefinitely, all to their own oral health detriment.

There are some facts patients need to be aware of, which may help them make their routine dental appointment and ensure they visit the dentist before the pain really gets bad. Tariq Drabu has put some fun facts together which may have you dialling your dentist without delay.

  • Women smile on average sixty two times a day. If you have poor oral health, stains on your teeth or misaligned teeth then you are not going to enjoy smiling and chances are you are going to cover your mouth. Visiting your dentist can help you improve your oral health, you can have tooth whitening procedures done in confidence and they can recommend alignment solutions based on your unique dental needs.

  • Children are costing the NHS millions each year. More and more children are being admitted to hospital to have their teeth extracted under general anesthetic than ever before. The concern, according to Tariq Drabu, is that these children's decay is so severe it cannot be treated in the dental chair.

  • More than fifteen thousand children are being hosptialised for tooth extractions across the country each year. This has resulted on a strain on hospitals, longer operating hours and some children having to wait up to a year for an appointment. This means children are being left in pain until they can secure their appointment. This is something parents need to think about when giving their children sugared foods and drinks.

  • Periodontal disease is another serious concern across the country. This severe gum disease can result in tooth loss if ignored. Visiting the dentist regularly can ensure that any gum disease is managed effectively, reducing the risk of it getting to this point.

  • 7.591 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in the United Kingdom each and every year. This form of cancer results in 2,119 deaths each year. The concern is that ninety one percent of the cases are preventable.


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